February 17, 2012

In stores now -- white porcelain collection

I was in Target yesterday and ran across a new display of white porcelain serving pieces.  It's no secret that I love white--we have white stoneware, white china, white everyday porcelain, and white glassware in our kitchen cupboards.  By keeping all my dishes one color, it's easy to mix and match when setting a table.

What I liked about this new collection is that there are four styles of dishes (square/modern, scalloped, beaded, and ridged), all of which could be used individually or with another pattern.  Prices ranged from $2 - $25, and my local store had a nice variety of pieces left (serving bowls and platters, pitchers, salt and pepper, bread bowl, spoon rest, coffee mugs, etc.).

 I almost bought these ramekins, but the tag only says they are microwave and dishwasher safe, so I'm assuming they're not oven safe.  I wish they were--these would be so cute for creme brulee or mini cobblers.

I thought these scalloped edge coffee mugs were really pretty, and they meet my mug criterion (generous handles so knuckles will not be burned!).  They would make a great gift for a friend--a couple of these, along with a favorite tea or coffee blend.

 Here you can see a few more pieces.  The serving bowls on the bottom would be especially multifunctional, but I also liked the simple white tea pot and sugar and creamer set.

I ended up just buying one beaded bowl (for $4).  I can think of a lot of uses for this: serving candies or mixed nuts at a party, holding jewelry in my closet, or even filling it with water and floating a single large bloom inside.

I'll definitely keep an eye on these; if they get marked down in a few weeks (which many times seems like the case at Target), I might pick up a couple more pieces.


Nikki said...

Our friendship is simply meant to be! I love white EVERYTHING! We also have white dishes, and I love the simplicity it brings. And, in my humble opinion, I think food looks better on a white plate...I'm OCD like that though.

I love the beading on the bowls and mugs! Looks like I will be making a trip to Target very soon!

Kara K said...

You are such a sucker :)

Nicole @ one half world said...

Nikki--we can be BFFWLW (best friends forever who love white). Sound good? :)

Kara--I know, after I read your post I felt convicted about my mindless Target wandering, but at least I only spent $4!!

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