February 20, 2012

Side-of-the-cup cookies

If I am home during the afternoon, it's hard to resist a little pick-me-up of a cup of coffee.  If we happen to have some form of dessert in the house (a rare treat), even better!  I think this need for a mid-afternoon treat is perhaps a genetic thing, or at least a custom learned from my Guatemalan relatives, with whom we always pause for a little refacción between lunch and dinner when visiting.

James and I were browsing the baking section at World Market a couple months ago and ran across these curious looking cookie cutters. I couldn't figure them out until I read the description: "side-of-the-cup cookie cutters."  This is such a genius idea that I can't believe I haven't run across these before!

The little slot allows the cookie to rest on the side of a mug, getting warm and soft before you eat it.  I used this favorite sugar cookie recipe (also seen here).  You do have to be gentle with removing the cookies from the baking sheet since the slot makes them a bit fragile.

Such a simple idea! I think a group of these would look great resting around the edge of a straight-edged bowl for a party.


Nikki said...

Beautiful! Having a little refaccion at your house sounds so relaxing. I may take that up in my quiet afternoons as well!

Kara K said...

James is such a patient shopper.

I'm totally regretting not stopping at Williamsburg - I looked at their website yesterday and discovered that they also have a JCrew outlet store too. I'm feeling so bereft.

Kara K said...

Oh. You started a slippery slope with your sugar cookies. Last Thursday, a full two days after Valentines Day, I decided that I wanted to make heart cookies. Lance didn't even bat an eye. I guess celebrating holidays post-morteum is a totally normal-Kara thing to do.

Nicole @ one half world said...

Nikki--to be honest, it's usually a granola bar at my desk mid-afternoon, but we can all dream, right??

Kara--um, I think we would be missing out on savings by NOT going to Williamsburg. I didn't know about the J.Crew outlet! What a great discovery! :)

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