May 8, 2012

James says...

Haven't done a family recap post for a while, so today I'll share a few pics of J and a couple of his most recent comments:

The many faces of James...

Preppy James

Paleontologist James

Contemplating prehistoric sea battles:
"When a Cretoxyrhina meets a Ginsu shark, there will be blood."


Superhero James

Artist James

Overheard the other night as Josh took away a privilege for refusal to eat spaghetti:
Josh - "So, James, why are you getting a consequence?"
James - "Because I was not being good."
Josh - "Specifically, how did you respond when I asked you to go to time out?"
James - "I tried to defeat you."


Nikki said...

Ahhhh. I love this post! Particularly the part on defeating dad in a battle of wills. Awesome.

Kara K said...

I like to defeat Josh too. :)

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