May 14, 2012

Reiman Gardens

We took a quick trip up to Ames last week to tour Reiman Gardens and look at some of the new LEGO sculptures they have scattered throughout the grounds.  James had fun spotting the huge frogs around the pond and exploring all the winding paths, but his favorite part was the butterfly sanctuary.

 A LEGO monarch butterfly sculpture outside the butterfly house

 This was my favorite LEGO creation: I loved the little goldfinches and the block "bird food"

The gardens are a great place to go for landscaping inspiration -- I would love to have this little nook in my backyard!

 I take a lot of pictures of color combinations.  I am planning a new bed for the backyard right now and like the pink/purple/green colors here.

 Another great reason to visit public gardens: to find out the names of plants that you like!  I was staring at this purplish-grey perennial trying to remember its name for a few minutes.  Thankfully, one of the beds had a handy identification sign.  Catmint, you are on my shopping list!

Not sure that we'll have these formal beds or water features in our yard anytime soon, but they were really pretty.  I'm always drawn to the very formal and geometric garden elements.

 A really cool hummingbird sculpture

 James enjoying the shade of these espaliered apple trees

 World's Largest (Concrete) Gnome!

The bison are a little hard to find--you have to do a bit of walking!

If you want to visit, I would recommend waiting a month or so.  The LEGO sculptures will there till October, and several sections of the garden hadn't been planted yet (the children's garden especially).  Many of the spring bulbs were being swapped out, so I imagine it will be even prettier later in the season.


Anonymous said...

Did you guys go on Friday and take advantage of National Garden Day?

Nicole @ one half world said...

Yes, we did. It was nice to get in for free!

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