June 12, 2012

Small pleasures

Now that summer is here, the pace of life has slowed down in our house, with mornings spent outside, afternoons wasted away with a good book, and playtime or dinner lengthening into the late evening.  While we always desire a tranquil household, in the summer, that tranquility really stretches into leisure.  Here are a few little things I'm taking the time to enjoy right now:

 New LeCreuset tea kettle matches my other LeCreuset (cobalt color), is really quiet and efficient, and was a great deal from the clearance section at TJ Maxx!

 A bowlful of colorful bangles to wear this summer

A little tray on our kitchen counter holding all our coffee clutter--I can whip up an Americano in just a moment thanks to our Nespresso maker

Sammy takes advantage of the privacy of the window seat to take an afternoon nap in a place where James won't find him!

I grouped my perfumes onto a little tray in my closet so I remember to use them every day

New baubles to wear--I love the handcrafted design of this blue quartz necklace from Turkey

Other favorite summer pleasures: sleeping in, setting up the sprinkler for the kids to run through, eating fresh produce, and watching the flowers bloom on my shrubs and perennials.  What do you look forward to in the summer?


Sarah said...

Going to go flip on the nespresso right now.

Nicole @ one half world said...

It's such a comforting thought to see all those capsules and know I can make a coffee any time! :)

Lisette said...

I almost bought you that LeCrueset tea kettle yesterday at TJMaxx, but they didn't have blue. Good thing I didn't!

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