August 15, 2012

Summer sunscreen

It seems like we've had a particularly sunny summer, and since I'm outside a lot (mostly in the car driving around!), I am very consistent about putting on sunscreen every day.  I recently tried a new face lotion that I love, so thought I'd share it here in case anyone is looking for a new product.

I really like the Yes to Blueberries eye cream, which you can find at your local Target or drugstore.  It doesn't contain sunscreen, but it does absorb quickly and is not greasy at all (and I wear sunglasses a lot in the summer, which protects the skin around my eyes).  Plus, I like the idea of using a natural product if possible.  I did try the Yes to Blueberries face lotion, which does contain sunscreen, but I didn't like it at all.  The sunscreen (maybe the zinc oxide part?) left large white patches that had to be massaged into the skin in order to be absorbed, and it left my face feeling all sticky.

I recently purchased this Shiseido sunscreen to use instead, and it is a terrific product!  The Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector is water-resistant, not waterproof, so I think it's ideal for daily use, and it's rated SPF 42.  The lotion itself is very liquidy, so you will need to shake the bottle first before applying.  It sinks in very quickly, so work in sections and move fast!  My skin feels really soft, kind of velvety smooth, not sticky at all!  For the summer, I think this one product is sufficient, but in the winter I'll probably layer over another, creamier moisturizer.  Shiseido also has sunscreen products for the body, ones that are waterproof, etc., but I haven't tried any of these.  (I got this product at Sephora.)

Anyway, hope that is helpful for someone!  Do you have any sun protection products you recommend?  I'm always looking for new ideas and products!

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Nikki said...

I recently started using the Yes to Blueberries eyecream as well! Love it!

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