December 22, 2010

New column: "Inspired by..."

I am going to be starting a new column next week in which I periodically post a room design inspired by a picture, color scheme, event, etc.  The first "inspired by..." column will be based on the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball.

The New Year's Eve Ball is a 12-foot wide geodesic sphere designed by Waterford Crystal.  The design you see in the picture above is the current version of the ball, made of crystal triangles and LEDs.  Before 2008, the ball was half the size it is now and had a combination of backlit crystals and Philips light bulbs.

{The New Year's Eve Ball - 2000-2007 design}

This design, to me, recalls the older versions with their strips of light bulbs.

{The New Year's Eve Ball - 1978}

Come back next Wednesday for a living room design inspired by the New Year's Eve ball.  Do you like this column idea?  Any suggestions for future "inspired by..." columns?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

{All images from The Times Square Alliance}

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