March 10, 2011

Stripes seven ways

Yesterday I posted a little shopping guide for stripes and went on and on about how much I like stripes, which might have had you wondering, "Really?  Does she really like them that much?"

So today's post is a little show and tell.  I dug through my drawers and realized, hey, I actually do own quite a few striped shirts and scarves and such.

My most recent stripe purchase was this shirt at Old Navy.  I got it on sale, and in addition to being striped, it has a couple features I like in a shirt: it's not really loose or really fitted, and it has sleeves that can be rolled up and buttoned.

This got me thinking, I wonder how many ways I could wear this shirt?  So I decided to put together a few outfits to show how versatile stripes can be.  (Disclaimer: I am by no means a high fashion-type person or a really adventurous dresser, so these are just basic, everyday outfits.)

I only used clothes and accessories I already owned, and I didn't add purses to the mix mostly because I was too lazy to go down to the basement and grab a few to use in the photos.  So here you go: seven different ways to wear the same striped shirt.

#1 - Pair the striped top with a simple slim denim skirt, flashy sandals, and some gold bangles

#2 - For a rainy day, tuck some skinny jeans into a pair of rainboots and top your striped tee with a thick, cozy wool sweater

#3 - Since stripes are already nautical, go all the way and top with a navy sweater-peacoat with brass buttons and a simple pair of white wool trousers

#4 - Pair some slim jeans with a broken-in pair of leather boots and top with the striped tee and a belted cardigan

#5 - For an easy summer look, combine white twill shorts with a pair of leather wedges and a thick brass cuff

#6 - Make your striped tee office-appropriate by topping it with a short white jacket, tucking it into a black pencil skirt, and adding fun black and white pumps

#7 - Another simple summer outfit: a short white skirt, bright orange leather cuff, and plaid boat shoes for a fun preppy look

Putting these seven looks together was so much fun!  I actually had lots of other ideas for outfits but just ran out of time to get them photographed.  Hopefully I've convinced you to add some stripes to your wardrobe and your home.

Have a great day!


Nikki said...

Ummm...are you kidding me?! You are so stylish, and I love all those outfits!

Kara K said...

I recognize your plaid boat shoes! That was a fun weekend. Good outfit remixes. You should think about doing one of the 30 day 30 pieces challenges. I feel like I'm on a perma 30 day challenge with limited pregnancy wardrobe options.

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