June 24, 2011

To do this weekend

Hope you're all having a nice ending to your week.  Here in Iowa, the weather is beautiful, and despite the fact that I am a little swamped with work right now, I'm hoping to take advantage of a few fun events this weekend:

Image from Raccoon Forks Trading Co. website

Today, Raccoon Forks Trading Company is clearing out their warehouse in the East Village (511 E. 6th St.).  They will be having a sale from noon till 4:00 p.m. on Friday.  Look for consigned items like antique furniture, vintage accessories, etc.  And don't forget to check out their regular store on Ingersoll Avenue here.

And this weekend (Friday - Sunday) is the Des Moines Art Festival.  I am ashamed to say that I've actually never been before, so this year I'm really going to make an effort to get downtown for this event.  With more than 200 artists coming in from Iowa and around the country, I hope to find a new piece or two for our home.  For more information, including where to park and a list of the artists and events, visit their website here.

And on the home front, I'm planning on finishing my little rehab of this mirror I found in an antique store recently.  Mostly, I need to dig out our stud finder and hope that there is a good place to hang this heavy piece in our foyer!  I have a few more changes I want to make to our entryway, then I'll post some before and after photos.

What about you?  Doing anything fun this weekend?

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