June 23, 2011


We are in the process of slowly making over a small bedroom to function as a home office (see the tentative plan here).  The latest thing we did was to put in an actual desk instead of the kitchen table we'd been using for about four years!  I actually really liked the table as it was roomy enough for two laptops and a bunch of books, but it didn't have any storage or drawers and was really too big for the small room (especially once we moved a full-size couch in!).

Here's what my desk looked like a few weeks ago.  I was working (well, kind of...notice the IKEA website up on the laptop?) and realized how surrounded I was by electronic devices.  All those electronics mean cords and cables, which kind of drive me crazy.  So when we were up in Minneapolis recently, we stopped by the Twin Cities IKEA store and picked up the MICKE desk in white.  IKEA has a couple new variations on the MICKE, including some with deeper drawers, a small one-person desk, and a corner workstation.  Prices are really affordable, $150 and below, which means we certainly didn't pay for an assembled product!

The IKEA man from the directions and and my husband were not on speaking terms for a few hours.  But once put together, the desk has been really sturdy, and I am happy with the dimensions, especially the depth since the desk doesn't stick out very far from the wall.  The best part, however, is the built-in (and hidden!) tray along the back for storing all those USB cables and power cords.  There is a hole in the top right corner of the desktop so all the cords can be dropped down into that tray.

I think I might like to eventually add a piece of glass to the surface, but for now we are pretty happy with this desk!  Now on to the next project: a desk chair!

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Anonymous said...

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