September 6, 2011

A seasonal decorating dilemma

My apologies for the lack of posting recently!  Things have been a bit busy work-wise with the start of the fall semester, and we've had several old friends in town over the last week, which has kept me occupied with other things, namely, family dinners and afternoon coffee and long conversations at the kitchen island.

Hope your Labor Day weekend was lovely!  As I mentioned, we spent ours socializing, and I was able to celebrate the end of summer by indulging in a few summery activities like wearing white pants and eating some good Iowa sweet corn.  However, I am ashamed to report that in many other ways I have treated the summer season just like any other.  I have been ordering hot Americanos for the last three months, while the baristas double check "Not iced?" as they pass a double-cupped grande through the drive-thru window.  I have not switched out my winter clothes, which I suppose will save me some time this fall!  And I haven't even turned off the gas to the electric fireplace in our living room, which means if I got too cold from the air conditioner in July I could lean against the glass and feel that gentle heat on my back.  It's a good thing my five-year-old doesn't realize how wasteful this is energy-wise.  He's already in the habit of following us around the house, turning off lights and chiming, "We have to save the world!"

Since I'm not really into heat and humidity and sunshine (I know, I am a depressing kind of person), I am excited to begin to feel the crisp of autumn already in the air.  The other day I was surprised to see the fall mums already set up on risers outside the grocery store (especially since it was 90 degrees at the time!), but pencil cases and notebooks have been replaced by jack o' lanterns at the stores, so I suppose fall really is on its way.

Currently I am having a sort of summer versus fall crisis in my living room.  Over the weekend we stopped at World Market and were able to get a great deal on a couple of Luxe chairs.  I blogged about them earlier here, and I have been waiting for them to go on sale so that I could get a pair for the living room.  After a couple hours in the store and two trips in my parents' SUV, we got them home and unpacked last night.  I originally had planned to sew a neutral (probably linen) slipcover with a longer skirt, but my husband wisely pointed out that our dog would probably destroy the skirt, so instead I bought two slipcovers at the store since I wasn't sure which one would match.  And hence the seasonal dilemma.  Here are my two options:

#1 - a canvas ivory slipcover.  The canvas is pretty thick but is brushed so it is quite soft.  I already have a couple white slipcovered items in the house, and I am okay with washing them periodically to keep them looking clean.  I do like the color of the ivory as it brightens up the room a bit, but I'm a little concerned about the maintenance factor.

#2 - a velvet slipcover in "mink" (basically, a taupe-gray color).  The feel of the velvet slipcover is great, and these would be really cozy during the fall and winter.  I am a little concerned that the color may not match the rug perfectly (the rug is a little more tan) but I think once I load up the chair with pillows and/or a throw, the difference isn't going to be that noticeable.

I will do a full review of the chairs once I've had them longer and have been able to wash the slipcovers, but for now they seem to be a really good value for the price.  The back cushion is a down/feather blend, and the seat cushion also has a down/feather topper, which together increase the comfort of the chair.  The slipcovers were easy to put on, and the only assembly required was screwing on the legs, so that was very quick and simple.

Here you can see the two options, as well as a selection of other fabrics for the room on the coffee table in the foreground.

So, what are your thoughts?  Should I keep both slipcovers and swap out the colors (white for the summer and velvet for the winter)?  I would appreciate any advice from all you stylish web-based people!  :)


Nikki said...

Okay, I'm not going to be very helpful...I love the ivory canvas...but, we have an ivory canvas slipcover on an ikea poang chair in our kids room, and it's a pain to keep clean. I really like the taupe, but I have to admit I really love the ivory it totally brightens the room. Is the maintenance of white worth it to you?

Wendy Murray said...

Given the fact that I used flannel pajama pants as arm covers for my reading chair, I can't offer meaningful advice. Why not use the slipcover in the warm months and the deeper color in the cold months? Either way, knowing your tastes, the end result will be just the thing.

Jamie/M said...

What about the cloud color of slipcover? Would it match your breakfast room/kitchen wall color? Or, clash with the other fabrics you've already chosen as complements? The taupe color seems to have more grey in it and not as "warm" as some of the other fabrics on the coffee table. Just some thoughts! I may have to come see!

Kara K said...

I vote suede!

Nicole @ one half world said...

Thanks for the advice, all. I have noticed that I gravitate toward sitting on the velvet (darker) slipcover, partly because of the texture and also (subliminally, I think) because I don't worry so much about getting it dirty! Hmm, we will see. Stay tuned for an update in the future! :)

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