January 19, 2013

Vintage finds

Several of our local flea markets and antique malls are having sales this holiday weekend. I briefly ducked into a flea market yesterday after work and found a couple items, but I'm going back out today with a friend to do more shopping (looking forward to that!).

Here are a few items I found while browsing the aisles this week:

 I bought this set of eight vintage calendar pages from the '40s. Each month portrays a different fairy tale.  These would be so cute framed in a child's room--perfect condition, vivid colors, and only $1.75!

 I also purchased this vintage suede Ruth Saltz cougar bag for under $10. I'm gradually adding to my collection of vintage bags, especially ones with an animal motif.

 I did not buy this vintage snakeskin clutch but am thinking about going back for it. It's in really good condition and I love the black-green coloring.

This ethnic thread art is cute framed in bright red--not bad for $5!

I actually do like the upholstery on this wingback chair, especially the contrast welting, but of course it could be reupholstered as well.

 At $7,000, this ebonized cabinet goes in the category of "just dreaming," but wouldn't it be terrific for housing a large flatscreen TV?

 I do not know what this item is. The handwriting on the tag was illegible, but I love the cobalt glass. I am guessing this is for flowers? At least, I think it would look stunning filled with white flowers and sitting in the middle of a round table in a foyer.

I'm wondering whether I should return for this set of iridescent glasses and decanter. It's a different pattern from the iridescent goblets I purchased last week, but they might look good together.

A very pretty little kidney table, on sale for under $300. I love the details on this piece!

This pheasant weathervane would look terrific on a country barn or a more rustic homestead!

I'm looking forward to doing a bit more shopping today and then having the rest of the long weekend to enjoy! Hope you have a good weekend!


Kara K said...

Invite me next time! We were at the outlet mall and Lance gave me ONE HOUR to do all my shopping. How rude!

Nicole @ one half world said...

Consider yourself most definitely invited! I'll call you next time. Also, one hour is not close to enough time, but then again, I can do a lot of damage in 15 minutes! :)

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